3 SEO Strategies That Brings You Stable and Free Traffic

If you are just getting start doing SEO for your own or your friends website, there are three strategies that you may find it useful.  In this article you will know the three main parts in SEO: title, content and backlinks.  They are described in details so that you would be able to use these strategies right away after reading these articles, and get traffic to your optimized website tomorrow.

Title and Subtitle Strategy

No matter what resources you have, like a blog post, video or audio, a descriptive title is extremely important.  Your title should cover the main theme that you want to present to your visitor.  If you are writing articles, you are highly suggested to use subheading before paragraph.  Those subheadings act as a signpost for your readers.  It is also strongly recommended to include the keyword you want people to search for in title, probably as the first one to two words.  However, the key here is to make it natural.  Keyword stuffing in title just for SEO purpose will result in lower ranking.  After optimizing your title, the next step is about content.

Content Strategy

Search engine will not only look for how much unique content in your website, but also it will also find out how frequent this website is being updated.  The current trend in search engine is that, the latest updated website will be shown at the top of the search result page.  In other words, your website will be shown frequently at the first page when you update your site constantly.

Search engine will also look for good and unique content as stated before.  One way of finding valuable content is to subscribe to as many RSS feeds about your topic as possible.  So when you want to write an article, you just need to refer to the latest update of RSS and pick the interested one to write about.  Never copy and paste other people’s stuff as yours.  When you complete your content writing, it is time to build some links to your website.

Links Strategy

SEO is all about link building, which means to get links from other website that link back to your website.  When you are just getting started, you are suggested to build some “internal link”, which is a link that pointing from one page to another page within the same website.  This is a basic of SEO link building.  By doing this you will also be able to bring traffic from one page to another.

Another method to build links is to ask for reciprocal links, which means that you link to other website and they link back to you.  Here you can find website that is similar to your target market, and ask if they would like to link it to your website and you will link to them at the same time if they do so.  You can find their contact in there “About” or “Contact Us” page.  All you need to do is to send them an email and ask for it.  If they don’t reply, go to the next one and repeat the process.

You can also write articles for other website and put a link that pointing to your own site.  This can largely increase your exposure in your market as an expert.  All you need to do is to ask website owner if they accept a free article that has a link in it.  The article you send to those website have to be unique and relevant to the website you are writing to.  Such request is usually accepted by other website owner and it is worth a try.

So now you can make use of the three SEO strategies above: Title, Content and Link.  Next time when you are doing SEO and drive traffic for any website, you know how to do it.

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