Boost Your Email Marketing Capability Using Autoresponders

Studies show that only 15% of people will buy at the first time when they first visit a website.  It means that, if there are 10 people coming in, you may end up with 1 – 2 people buying your product.  While other business owners will focus on getting more people to come to their website in order to make more sales, this is not the right way to do so.

The key question you should ask is: how do we capture, contact, communicate with the other 85% of people who do not buy?

The answer: collect their contact information and communicate with them frequently until they know, like and trust you, by using an autoresponders program.

What is an Autoresponders?

This is an automated software developed specific for email marketing purpose.  With autoresponders, you can send email newsletter at a specific time automatically, or send out a series of email messages by just setting it up once, and manage your email list easily.

Autoresponders represent a new way of doing email marketing and communicate with your prospects or clients.  It can provide specific information to your customers efficiently and effectively without any trouble, and then follow up with pre-written email messages at specific time intervals, which is also very easy to manage

Enhance your Email Marketing Capability

Because of the existence of autorepsonders, many things that cannot be done before is now feasible.  Here are some ways for business owner to maximize the power of autoresponders.

Publishing newsletter: It is the most common way of using autoresponders, but most of the time it is misused.  One of the mistakes that business owners made is that their newsletter is all about selling stuff.  However, if prospects do not have trust or reliable relationship with your business at first, they would not buy from you.  Therefore the best way of using newsletter is 95% content, 5% selling message, or even 100% content.  Remember, people opt-in to your list not because they want to buy something from you, they are seeking a valuable relationship.  And if you can provide that valuable relationship, they will reward you with business.  This is the correct way of using newsletter.

Distribute free stuff: Suppose that you are providing a free coupon or discount on certain services.  When people opt-in, an email will be sent out to confirm their subscription and later send them a coupon/discount/any free stuff.  Then later on you send them a series of email talking about specific topics through autoresponders.  This is another use of autoresponders, but most business owner does not have this information.

Make a sale: When you think that it is the right time, or if you are running a product launch, this will be the time to sell them something.  Being too sales-oriented is not a good practice, but being too content-oriented is not a good practice either.  That why you are suggested to sell them something, either an affiliate product or your own product, and see what is the response.  Don’t be afraid of “lossing” them when you sell them something.  If they don’t like it, or even feel “offended”, they will not buy from you.  If you don’t sell them, they don’t buy from you either.  So you have nothing to “lost”!  So sell them something and test your offer, when your offer is right and you get good response, sell it to the public and make a lot of money!

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