Effective Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is the main advertising method in the early days of the Internet.  Website owners pay a lot of money to designer in order to get great banner design.  However, given the existence of new advertising channel like PPC and SEO, it seems that banner ads is not as important as before.  In this article, you will find out if banner ads is still useful or not, how to get free traffic using banner ads, and how to find good website to place banner on.  After reading this article, you will be able to find out your favorite websites to place your banner on and drive traffic at a very low cost, or even free.

Is Banner Ads still Useful?

My answer is yes, if you are using it in a proper way.  Actually compare to new advertising method like PPC and SEO, the cost per click of banner ads is greatly lower than PPC, and the effort of creating a banner is lot less than doing SEO.  Moreover, a well-designed, creative banner ad can attract people’s eyes compared to plain text banner also.  And you can also get such banner designs in a very low price.  Therefore banner ads would still be around for quite a long timer on the Internet.

So how to use banner ads to drive traffic?  One of the ways is to do banner exchange!

Banner Ads Exchange

Exchange banner between two different website may drive good traffic to your site without paying any money.  However, not all websites are created equally.  In other words, even if you are placing the same banner in two similar websites, the volume and quality of traffic may be very different.  It may be because the content of one website is better than the other one.  Therefore, before doing any banner exchange, doing research on your target website is very important.

How to find good websites to place banner on?

Here are some steps to do website research.  First, you can go to your competitor’s websites and see if they have any display ads.  If they have Google adsense on their website, you can then place your banner in Google content network, and specific that you only place your banner to that particular website.  If they don’t have Google adsense, try to find if they have banner ad places for rent, or even skip that website.

You place your banner on their website for one week, and see how many people coming through that banner are converted to your leads or even customer.  Then move on another site and do the same thing.

After doing it 4 – 5 times, you will be able to spot the best one and then, stick to the best one by optimizing your banner to that particular website.

To conclude, banner advertising is still useful when you use it correctly.  And banner ads exchange is one of the best ways to get traffic from banner for free.  However, be careful when you choose your websites to place banner on.  So next time when you do banner advertising, remember the strategies about will be helpful.


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