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If you are going to do marketing through Facebook, you may want to read this article.  In this article, you will discover why social media platform is so effective for marketing.  And we discuss two ways to market your message through Facebook.  Finally, you will find two ways that can do successful Facebook marketing.  After reading this article, you will be able to start your own marketing on FB immediately.

Why social media is effective for your marketing?

To understand why social media is crucial for your marketing success, you need to understand that people are social by nature.  And because of the Internet, people are more connected to each other than before.  They love to share and recommend different things to their loved one and because of that, social media platforms on the Internet are expanded in an amazing speed.

Another reason is that, marketing on social media is usually free.  Compared to PPC, banner advertising or newspaper advertising, marketing through social media is free and you will get result in a very short time.

How to do marketing in FB?

There are quite a lot of ways to market your product or service through FB.  First of all, you can develop a small Facebook application that links to your own website.  This application can be a game, a survey or new aggregator.  If you have no idea on what application should be created, go to FB and see what is hot right now, and do a better version of that application.

To further leverage the power of social media, you should combine FB with Twitter.  Twitter is a micro-blog site that, similar to a blog post, you can post a message with no more than 140 characters.  That’s why we call it “Micro-blog”.  FB has a function that allows you to connect your FB account or fan page to twitter.  When you post a message from Facebook, your post will automatically be shown on twitter also.  By doing this you can increase your exposure online using the power of Facebook and Twitter.

What consists of successful Facebook marketing?

To market your product or service successfully through Facebook, you need to be up to date.  Since FB is a vey big “community” where people with different interests will come together, the key here is to communicate with your friends and fans with updated and relevant information.

To go a step further, you should be able to start a dialog with your friends and fans.  You can look at an existing discussion and give your opinion about that.  Or you start your own discussion on specific topic.  Either ways you can start communicate with your people.  Make sure you treat them with respects and appreciations.

Social media is very effective for your marketing today and your marketing strategy should include social media.   You can make use of FB application and combine your FB with twitter to achieve greater result.  Keep in mind that you should be able to communicate with your market with up to date and relevant information and encourage dialog between them.  Next time when you are doing marketing in Facebook, you will know how to do.

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