Get start your Pay-Per-Click campaign using Google Adwords

If you are interested in using Pay-Per-Click(PPC) to growth your business, it would be the article you should read. In this article you will learn about why growing your business using Google adwords is possible, what makes an effective PPC campaign and how to setup your first adwords campaign. After reading this article you will be able to run your first adwords campaign and start driving web traffic to your website.

Grow your business using Google Adwords

In the old days when you want to advertise your business, you may need to place a TV ads or radio ads that cost a fortune but not have any returns. Now with Google Adwords, you can place your ads using their keyword and management tool. And your ads will be shown on the next day! If you are not sure about your target market, you can use their keyword tool to do your research with ease. You can even only allow your ads to be seen on particular geographic location. With powerful features like this, you should be able to grow your business much more easily now.

How to generate the best return from your own PPC campaign?

Your PPC needs to be optimized and run effectively in order to drive a lot of traffic to your website constantly. One of the methods to do that is by split-testing. All you need is to have two ads running at the same time. Then after a while (let’s say one week), you check the number and see which ads perform well, then drop the one with poor performance, duplicate and change the best one, and run the test for another week. Doing it after several weeks you will have a highly optimized ads.

You can also optimize your keyword list to get a better “quality score”. “Quality score” is a number that Google thinks how relevant between your keyword, your ads and your landing page. The key here is to be very specific. It means that your keywords, your ads and landing page should be highly relevant with each other. Poor quality score means high price per click and low ads position.

How to setup your PPC campaign using Google adwords?

To setup your PPC campaign is very simple. First of all you need to find keywords that will trigger your ads using Google keyword tool. The keywords generated is what Google thinks relevant. Then you create two ads for split-testing as mention before. Next, you create an ads group in your default campaign, and put both your ads and keywords inside. And finally, activate your campaign.

Now that you have already known how effective and simple it is to run your PPC campaign. Growing your business using Google adwords is effective and cost less compared to using the traditional advertising method. And you also need to optimize and test your ads frequently in order to generate the best return. Finally, you have also seen the way to setup your first PPC campaign. So please take action now and start driving traffic to your website.

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