Mental Triggers in Product Launch By Jeff Walker

If you are running, or planning to launch your product, but you don’t know how to trigger your customer’s desire to let them buy from you, you should read this article.  In this article you will find a list of trigger that people have so that, after finishing this article you can construct your message to meet those needs.


We have been trained to listen and learn from stories when we are still very young.  No other experience is better than hearing a good story and therefore; your whole product launch process should be based entirely on a “story”.


This trigger is based on the thought that: if you are doing good thing to me, I will do the same, or even better, thing for you.  So during your product launch, if you can give out good content, people will naturally want to give back to you.


This is quite similar to a story except that, it means your people will follow along and become part of your product launch.  People like to participate in event and feel like being something larger than themselves.  If your people are going with your product launch, they feel that they are part of it and become more willing to join your “event”, result in buying your product.


Building anticipation in your product launch is a great technique to continuously pulling in people in your launch.  The way to do this is by giving out something that catch your prospects attention and let them join your list in order to know more.  By using this technique your prospect will come and pay attention to you instead of your competitors.

Social proof

It is normal for people to watch what other people are doing.  In other words, if you can show to your prospect that they are not alone because you have been there, and you know how to get out of their trouble, you will suddenly have a lot of people paying attention to you.


This is a demonstration of your product or service that you show to your prospect to proof that your stuff work.


People act because they just follow what other people in the same community are supposed to act.  In the old days without the Internet, people may gather together to form a group.  But because of the Internet, people can now participate “virtually” so as to know what other people are doing right now.


We all know that people are interested only in themselves.  So quite a lot of time people would rather talk than listen.  Therefore, encouraging conversation through blog comments or exchanging email can really improve your product launch result.


This is a good old scarcity technique used by many marketers for a long time.  When something is less, people will tend to want it more.  You can either limit your product or service by quantities (Number of product sold) or by time (service only available for certain period).  This technique can really produce good result for you.

Now that you have learnt some mental triggers that can help you to draft your message that pinpoint the state of mind of your prospects.  So no matter you just get start launching your product or planning on your launch, spending some time to review this list and it will help you.


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