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If you are trying to do twitter marketing, here are something that you should know about it.  In this article, you will find out the single most important thing when comes to marketing on twitter, and you will learn 6 ways to use twitter for business.  After reading this article, you will be able to start your own twitter marketing campaign.

What is your goal?

No matter which platform you are using, the most important thing before doing any marketing campaign is to have a goal, or result you want to achieve.  Make sure you have a clear objective when comes to twitter, like finding new leads and build a list from your niche, or a platform where you can communicate directly with your prospects.  Without knowing exactly what you want to achieve, all your tweets are aimless and cannot produce any result, no matter how big your marketing budget is.

6 Tactics to use twitter for your business

There are 6 tactics that you can use right now to leverage the power of twitter:

  1. Be a true, natural human: While it sounds a little bit weird, what it means is that when you are communicating with your followers, do not pretend that you are a big company and communicate with them in formal way.  Show to them that you are a human and you will listen to what other people says.
  2. Since there are only 140 chars in every tweet, your message should be clear, precise and targeted.  Moreover, your tweet should also include a URL for readers also.  It is a test of your writing skills.  Fortunately this kind of writing skills can be improved if you practice it frequently.
  3. Retweet your friends and followers if possible.  And share a link to your followers, even if it is not your website link.  One of the amazing things in online marketing is that, you can become an expert by sharing other people’s resources.
  4. Providing a real profile: People will buy from those they trust. Therefore it is important to provide a real profile about yourself.  If you really don’t want to put your picture, put your company logo.
  5. Find and add followers: Be precise when you pick your followers.  There is no point of have a bunch of followers who is unrelated to your target market.  You probably don’t want to have followers who have no need for your product and service.
  6. Build a relationship with your follower: To build a relationship with your followers, give them relevant and useful information, even if it is not from you.

Now that you understand the ways to marketing on twitter, you will probably do it differently next time.  Remember to set goals and know what you are going to achieve by using twitter.  And use the 6 tactics you learnt about to leverage the power of twitter.  So put it into use and you will be able to achieve your desired result with twitter.

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