Where should I invest in? PPC or SEO?

If you are thinking about investing money on getting traffic, but you do not know what kind of traffic strategy you should choose, you need to read this article.  In this article, you will find out pros and cons of two most common and effective strategies in the Internet marketing community: PPC and SEO.  And you will find out how should you invest so as to get the maximum result.

Pros and Cons of SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique that allow your website to rank high on the first page when somebody does a search on search engine.  SEO usually takes quite a lot of time for search engine to index and rank high in your website.  The key of SEO is link building, which means to bring in one-way link from as many websites as possible.   And because of this, you need to pay continuous effort to find and build links for your websites.

Although it is time consuming, such effort will be very rewarding because the traffic from SEO are free.  Moreover, study shows that people have more trust on the number one search result instead of PPC advertising.

Pros and Cons of PPC

While SEO needs some efforts in order to get remarkable result, PPC offers an immediate response compared to SEO.  PPC works like this: you are agree to pay the search engine certain amount in order to have your ads posted when people are searching for something by keyword that is related to you.  PPC is tricky because you need to have your landing page, keyword and ads matched together in order to get a high “quality score”.  High quality score means lower cost per click and high ad position.  Since search engine does not expose their ranking algorithm to the public, testing on keywords, ads and landing page is a must.  In other words, you would spend some money but those money may not get any real returns, until your ad are properly tested.

Which one is the best?

Rather than choose either SEO or PPC, do you think you can go for both?  Actually, using both SEO and PPC can leverage the power of those techniques.  When you try to rank high with a keyword, you can test the result with PPC first and see if it will give you desired outcome from your investment.  If the result is good and you see a lot of potential their, don’t hesitate to perform SEO for that keyword on your website.  By doing this you will not waste your effort of optimizing your website with particular keyword that does not convert visitors to customers.

Now that you know the pros and cons of SEO and PPC.  It is important for you to know the characteristic of SEO and PPC and how those strategies work.  You are also strongly suggested to go for both strategies in order to utilize the power of them.  So next time when you are thinking about getting website traffic, you know what you should do.

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