Why Doing Niche research is important and how to do it?

If you have trouble understand your market and don’t really know what your target market really wants, you should read this article. In this article you will find out the reason why niche research is important, and how to do niche research online and offline. After reading this article, you should be able to understand your market clearly by doing niche research.

Why niche research is important?

First of all, compare to mass marketing, which targets a large amount of people and “hope” that it will hit some body and becoming your customer, niche marketing is much more effective. The reason is that in marketing, communication is very important. Since everyone has different needs and wants, if you are trying to talk to different people at the same time by advertising, your response rate will be very low and it will even have negative effect to your brand, simply because you are not “talking” to them.

Therefore, instead of targeting to a large group of people, you are highly suggested to target on the one who really needs your service. It requires you to understand your prospect and clients so that you can communicate with them clearly and finally, they will be persuaded to buy your product or service.

How to do niche research?

You can do niche research both online and offline. To do it online you can go to forums, discussion broads or groups that talk about your target market. If you don’t know where they are, go to search engine like Google and search using “your keywords” plus “forum”, such as “yacht forum”, “wine forum” or even “medical equipment forum”. After that goes and finds what kind of problem they are talking about and see how your product or service can help them achieve your goal.

Another way is to do it offline. One of the most effective ways to understand what your prospects really want is by talking to them face to face. You can talk to your past customers or even your competitor’s customers, and find out why they bought from you or from your competitors. Another way is to read the magazine or journal related to your market. Each magazine represents a market and you can understand them by just reading their magazine. The third way to understand your market is by going to trade association or chamber of commerce and join their workshop or seminar. You can talk to them and ask question about your target market very easily at no cost.

So by now you should be able to conduct your own niche market research. Remember you are able to get high response rate customer by researching your niche rather than aimlessly broadcasting your advertising materials to a large group of people. And you also know how to do niche research online and offline. Therefore, forget about all the traditional advertising method and start understanding your market now.

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