Guidelines of Convert Fans To Customers From Facebook Page

In this article you are going to discover a simple 3 steps approach to convert fans to customers using facebook page.  Once you created your facebook account and start having your first “facebook page”, you have already had everything you need to make money for your business.  First you are going to discover how to optimize your facebook page profile, then we will talk about where to get new prospects.  Finally, we will discuss how to make money from facebook.  After reading this article, you should be able to optimize your facebook page and start making money from facebook.

Optimize your Profile

Most of the time after creating a facebook page, they will immediately start focusing on “finding fans”.  Although there is nothing wrong with that, they often overlook the importance of organizing and updating their facebook page first.  So the first step is to make your facebook page interesting!  If you are still using a small profile banner on the left, change it!  The maximum size of profile banner on the left is 180 x 540 pixel, which means that you can deliver a lot of message for your “fan”.  If you are still using small, boring “company logo”, do you think that it will make your fan interested in your page?

The information in the “info” is also important.  So it is critical to provide a lot of essential information, including but not limited to, your website, contact number, email address or physical office address.  Your facebook page is just a “middle man” connecting your prospects and your website.  Therefore, convincing your “fans” to go to your website from facebook would be very important for you.

Finding Prospects

Finding prospects is not as hard as you think, but it takes times and patient.  The first place to go is facebook groups that related to you page.  Each group are created for specific interests.  That’s why you are recommended to join those groups and see what they are talking about at that time, then join the conversation.  You should also contribute to each group with useful and valuable information.  When you start posting, your page name will immediately be shown on those group.  That means it increase the chances to see you, post comments to you, and “like” you and your fan page.

Start making money

In this stage, you should have some fans engaged in your fan page.  The next steps is to start promoting products.  If you are a business and already have a product or service, simply promoting it to your fan and see what happen.  If you don’t have a product, it is not a problem also.  Based on the topic of your page, find a product on Amazon and promote it as an affiliate!  Either way, the key is to find out what your customers are interested in, or the problem they have, and solve those problems with your product or service.  By doing this regularly, you will soon find out the “pattern” of interest your fans have, and create an offer for them.

So when you want to find customers on facebook, these are the 3 steps suggested guidelines for you.  By optimizing your facebook page and contributing to groups, you are giving our values to your prospects.  Then you sell your offer to your fans and test what they are really interested in, and continuously tweaking and testing it.  I hope that this can help you to clear the myth of marketing on facebook.

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