How to get people do what you want with an effective landing page?

If you are thinking about getting new leads on the Internet, you are strongly suggested to use a landing page to do that.  In this article, you will find out what is a landing page and what is it for, two key elements that a good landing page composed of, and three mistakes to avoid when you create your landing page.  After reading this article, you will be able to create an effective landing page that convert very well.

What is a landing page and what is it for?

A landing page is the page that your prospects see after they click on an ad or type your website URL.  This is also the “first impression” from other people who go to your website.  As we all know that first impression is important for not only people but also business, presenting your website professionally with good landing page will help your prospects understand you better.

Your landing page should be designed for people to take only one action, most of the time it is a text box that people can enter their email address in order to get some free stuff from you, and you build your own email list.  Sometimes it can also be a sales page that presents your most popular offer.

Good landing page usually has these two elements

To create a landing page that converts visitors to join your list, your landing page should contain these two things.  First is a headline.  Your headline have to be easily digestible and to the point.  And it should present the benefits or solution to the problem your visitors want to solve right now.  You are also suggested to use maximum two colors and bold your headline in order to get the instant attention from your visitors.  Then in your content you just need no more than 4 – 5 sentences presenting a story behind your offer, and briefly tell your visitors what they will get from you when they opt-in to your list.

Another element is your call to action.  As it is said before, your landing page should only contain one single call to action.  They either do it or leave it.  Presenting multiple decisions will only distract your visitors and finally not getting any result from your landing page.

Three mistakes to avoid

There are three mistakes that are quite common when creating a landing page.  First of all, regular design of website may not be suitable for landing page purpose. For example, when you create your landing page, you really don’t need a side bar or additional image headers.  Those elements will only distract your visitors from the action you want them to take.  So do not include those “typical” website elements in your landing page.

Secondly, people do not think in depth about their headline and they don’t test it.  Everything is a test in marketing, including your header.  Your header should be limited to 20 words at most, while you can still present your offer precisely.  Moreover, split-test your headers weekly and see which one is converting better.  Testing it often and you will get the best result from your landing page.

Finally, think from your prospects perspective.  Study shows that web visitors spend 80% of time “above the fold”.  That means they do not “scroll down” when the page is long.  So don’t assume that they will scroll or make other assumptions.  Test it frequently is strongly recommended.

Now that you know the way to create an effective landing page.  The conversion of your landing page heavily depends on your headline, copy and the design.  Stick to the advise above and avoid those three common mistakes people are making will allow you to create a winning landing page.


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