Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Strategies

No matter you are just getting start online or already has an online business for long time, sooner or later you will use PPC as your traffic strategies.  In this article you will find out three different strategies about PPC including: Bidding, Ads writing and Platform choosing.  After reading this article, your skills on PPC will be more proficient and can drive traffic in a cost-effective way.

Although here we are mainly talking about Google Adwords as an example, the same principle still applies to other PPC platform, such as Microsoft ad-Center.

Bidding Strategy

In Google Adwords, the price of each click depends mainly on three things: your keyword, your ads and your landing page quality.  Given you have the best keywords set and best ads copy in the world, if you have a landing page that does not related to the keyword and ads, you will still need to pay a high bidding price.  Therefore, to have your bidding cost as low as possible, you need to both select the right keyword and write copy that is relevant to the landing page.

Another bidding strategy is to try to bid on price ending with cents.  For example, you can bid on $0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 0.8 or 0.9.  Do not end with $0.5 or just $1.  The concept here is that a lot of people try to bid on .5 or full price ($1, $4).  If you bid on $1.2, you are a head of a lot of people who bit $1, just by going up $0.2!

Now we take a look at how to write a text ad.

Text Ads Strategy

The key to write a text ad is to be very specific.  And in your ad you are strongly recommended to include your keywords in title and content.  Inside Google Adwords they have a secret calculating algorithm that calculate the relation between your keyword, your ad and your landing page and the result is what it called “Quality Score”.  Your ad ranking totally depended on this score.  Apart from having your keyword in your ad, your ad copy should also be short, to the point and most importantly, has a call to action.  Tell your visitors what to do in you ad is very important.

And now let’s take a look at the difference between Facebook PPC and Google Adwords

Platform: Facebook Or Google?

Unfortunately we cannot compare these two platforms as they have different focus.  It depends on what your goal is when using PPC.  The strength of Facebook advertising is the ability to engage different kind of users.  With Facebook advertising, you can choose, in a very specific way, the people you want to show your ads to.  Moreover, recently study shows that the average time people spent on Facebook is around 26 minutes, which implies that your PPC ads may have more chance to become successful simply because people stay longer in Facebook, and they have more chance to see your ads.

Google PPC is more focus on keyword traffic.  It is more about targeting what people want.  People go to search engine because they need something.  If you present your ads in front of them, chances are that you may have what they want.  The strength of Google is to target keywords or phrases that people search and display relevant ads accordingly.

Now that you understand the strategy about using PPC as your traffic source.  Remember that your bidding price largely depends on keywords you choose, text ads you wrote and platform you choose.  Different objective may also implies choosing different PPC platform.  So next time when you are doing PPC, you know what to do to achieve your goal.

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