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If your business does not leverage the social marketing wave today, you have already missed a lot of prospects in your target market. In this article you will know about how to make use of the viral effect of social media, some checkpoint you need to consider when you launch your marketing campaign, and things to avoid when you are doing social media marketing. After reading this article, you will have a general idea on how social media marketing works, and some techniques to get started.

First of all, social marketing heavily uses the power of viral marketing. Viral marketing is a marketing campaign that encourage public to share and talk about specific product or service, so that general public will help marketers to spread the word out. When one person shares a message to a group of their friends, and their friends talk to another friends, the chain of communication will never end and thousands of people will see your campaign.

Now you understand the viral effect of using social media as a marketing tool, you need some guidelines to setup your own marketing campaign. But firstly, you should have an overall strategy and plan on using social media. For example, you should be able to answer the question like: what is your goal after running this campaign? Who are your target audiences? What they really want? Then you can go to some popular social media website to present your product or service to the crowd. Popular social media websites include, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and so on.

However, there are some checkpoints that you should be aware of. For example, if you do not have a clearly targeted market in your mind, you will find that you spent tons of money but no or just little result. If you are doing Facebook Advertising you are allowed to specify your target audiences in a great details. This is the power of social marketing as different people with different interests have already been grouped together for you to target. Second thing is that remember you need to put your website URL in your marketing message so that people can find you through website. Finally, when you are communicating to your target audience, focus on content you provide instead of just selling. People do not like being sold so your message should convey valuable information to your reader.

So by now you have a general understanding about how social media marketing can help your business to find more prospects. The viral power of a social marketing campaign is huge so you need to think about having such campaign in your overall marketing strategy. Then create a social media marketing plan and work on it. And if you can define your target audiences clearer, you will be able to communicate to them easily. Finally, avoid the mistakes that most social media marketers have in the above and you can see the result much faster.

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